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  • Beach 1.5 km
  • Bus Stop 5 m
  • City 40 km
  • Airport 45 km
  • Port 40 km
the cave Agio galas

It is set far in the northwestern corner of the island. The village has became famous because of the old church panagia Agiogalousaina that forms the entrance of a cave where a miracle occurs once a year. A white liquid named Holy milk comes out of the rock. Excavations carried out in the two lower caves in 1938 by the British school of Archaeology and also in 2004 brought to light important information for their use.

The middle cave also contained findings of the Neolithic period like pottery, mainly bottles, stone tools, bone tools and jewelry from stone, bone or shells. Very important is the discovery of bones from bears, leopards, wild pigs and deer, animals that have disappeared from the island.

The Church of Panagia Agiogalousaina at the mouth of the cave dates to the mid-13th -14th century. Its wooden temple dates back to 1721. Buildings around the church show us its function as a Monastery. Inside the cave there is also a second church Agia Anna in the same architectural style of the previous one. The cave is open from May until the end of September, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. For more information please contact the ENA Chios tel 2271044830.


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