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  • Beach 1.5 km
  • Bus Stop 5 m
  • City 40 km
  • Airport 45 km
  • Port 40 km

chiosChios, the Aegean island captures the heart of every visitor. The smell of mastic and the saltiness of the sea dominate the whole island. While the lush vegetation and endless colorful beaches fill the eyes of travelers, justifying their decision to spend their holidays in the Aegean paradise.

Chios, located in the eastern Aegean between Samos and Mytilene, and close to Asia Minor. Chios, Oinousses and Psara are the Chios prefecture. It is the fifth largest island of Greece. It has an area of 842 sq. km and is characterized as a mountainous island. It is a green island. Dense pine forests and vast areas of mastic trees make up the natural beauty of the island. Chios has rare beauty, long coastline and sandy beaches it’s an attraction for nature lovers. The modern city of Chios, offers its guests all the comforts and variety of choices. As for the tour in the villages, the surprises are many and pleasant. The medieval villages have their particular architecture. The remarkable monuments which are scattered around the island reveal aspects of its historical path.

During your stay on the island you will enjoy the warm hospitality of chian people and you will have the opportunity to have fun with them at some festivals. You will taste the local cuisine and the traditional products of the island. Chios is a destination that has it all. Natural beauty, history, civilization, culture. Any visitor can find in the island the lost paradise of his childhood dreams .



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